BY now, most people will have decided who they are going to vote for in the coming Euro and local elections on May 22.

There has been mis-information by all parties and I’m sure many people are confused to what is the truth about or not about the EU.

Is it the saviour for all our problems, as the Left claims, or is it a Union obsessed with the desire to make Western and Eastern countries into one European superstate, wanting total control over all the countries?

For those on the cusp and undecided, I would like to give you a true event that is going to happen in October, 2015, that may make you help make you mind up just how important it is to vote in this election, if you believe in freedom from Big Brother.

On that date, our government will be powerless to stop a directive that vehicle manufacturers across the EU will have to install a black box, better known as a tracker, in all new vehicles.

This latest anti-privacy surveillance equipment is to be mandatory and our government unable to stop this happening. We have, over many years ,had our freedoms and democracy chipped away bit by bit with this Union.

We cannot control or ever will if we stay in. The reason given for installing them is to get emergency vehicles to us faster as they will know where we are.

You will get home and a speeding ticket will be through your door telling you that you did one mile per hour over the speed limit. What next? Cameras in our homes, children microchipped at birth?

The media has not reported this, nor our leaders, and I don’t wonder why, I know why.

Thomas Ryder Bolton