I ARRIVED back from holiday this week to find communications from all major parties for the coming elections.

All three are economical with the truth, but as far as Smithills is concerned, there is only one party to vote for and that is the Liberal Democrats, even though it hurts me to say so. The Labour Party candidate says how hard he has worked.

Even though he is a member of the ruling party in Bolton, he couldn’t stop Animal World from closing; he could not stop the Labour group allowing building on green belt land on Smithills estate which was a disgrace, considering every conservation group, both locally and nationally, spoke against and even the council’s officers were against it.

Roger Hayes and the LibDems did their best, but quite simply, Labour to a man voted in favour of the development to the shame of the Labour Party in Bolton.

And you must remember that I have stood against Cllr Roger Hayes in the past, but the work that the LibDems have done in this ward deserves your support until better candidates are found.

As far as the European elections are concerned, I have to say I would ask everyone to vote for UKIP. Quite simply, it’s time that the main parties in Parliament respected the wishes of the people.

Parliament treats the British people with great contempt, but what really upsets me is quite simply the way in which the British people allow it to happen. The “bedroom tax” is a disgrace; the NHS is being privatised and nobody cares.

Labour will do nothing; the LibDems betrayed all their voters. They point out that they have saved the nation by cutting income tax but they increased VAT, which affects the poorest the most of all. So please say No at the European Parliament elections to any of the main parties.

The Tories are not fit to be in government; the LibDems cannot be in government again, so you’re left with Labour. Unless we can make a difference and get them to change their policies nothing will change.

Ian Greenhalgh Bolton