Scientists from the  world famous and well respected   Karolinska Research Institute  , Stockholm  in Sweden have  recently  established  that  one of the anti-ageing  measure  is  to  'sit less' and 'to stand for longer periods' < >

It seems , according to them, that too much sitting  causes  certain  changes in the  structure of chromosomes , vital for life and existence.  The DNA  is 'protected'  better  and  prevents ageing if the  'protective' cap  - the   'telomere' is  adequately  maintained  and not allowed to get smaller in size.   Short  telomeres  have been linked with  early and quick ageing  ;  and  too much sitting tends to do just that -  shortens the telomere size.  <>

Whilst  physical activity, exercise , sports etc  have always been commended  for good active and long life,   just  'exercise and physical activities'  are not enough.

Sedentary  behaviour and  sitting around for too long and too much  now seems to be a greater health hazard  and  actually   diminishes  longevity.

The  research study was undertaken  observing the life patterns of  around 50 overweight     individuals with sedentary habits  spending  too much time sitting;  and they all had    an apparently  shorter life span.   Hence the recommendation !!!  Quite interesting ;  well   whether  it  increase  longevity or not ,  sedentary existence is not only bad for health   but for general living and  welfare.

So   be active  ; do not remain on the chair for too long...