WE would appreciate it if Cllr Morris and his Labour councillors would let us have an explanation what he is trying to do to all the charities in and around Bolton.

Pets in Need had booked the new venue that replaced the original charity canopy last Thursday. We were put in what I can only describe as a large box with hardly any footfall at all.

We regularly made between £500 and £700 under the previous canopy, which helps to feed all the animals at the sanctuary and also helps people with any veterinary bills they can’t afford to get their pets treated.

Our net income last Thursday was £30, and four people gave all their time for this amount.

I might add that the Charity Canopy was standing empty and not being used.

We thought this was built and paid for by Marks and Spencer for the charities of Bolton and district.

What right has Cllr Morris and his committee to say this can’t be used?

We also used to have the Victoria Square Market in Le Mans Crescent every year on Bank Holiday Monday. This was a very good family day and all the charities, churches, scouts raised funds for their own charity.

The whole community got together on that great day, again it was scrapped by the Labour Council but we never received any explanation as to why.

Again, all the charities suffered by this loss.

Perhaps we can have some answers please?

I do write on behalf of most animal charities in and around Bolton. Let’s see if we get a response.

Dorothy Maden & Committee Pets in Need Tottington