NOW if realising that Lisa Kudrow was 51 wasn’t a big enough shock to the system, the Friends star has opened up about the '90s sit-com and stated she wants a reunion.

In a time of reunions becoming fashionable Friends could be the next big show to return to our televisions.

Making such a massive impact and having a 10 year life on television, Friends was a huge release and coming of age sit-com for many, with viewers feeling like they knew characters like Joey and Phoebe, relating to them and quoting their comedy quirks verbatim. Would something that was so popular be as successful now?

It’s a difficult question because the writing would have to be top notch and written for the age of these characters who aren’t 20-something friends living in an apartment block anymore.

Time can only tell but if it does come back let’s hope they can do it justice for all the '90s kids who loved and lived it first time round.

It seems that big name actors are changing their medium from the big screen to the video game.

Kevin Spacey this week announced his involvement in computer game, Call Of Duty, not as a programmer, digital expert or martial arts aficionado but, in fact, as his job title depicts, an actor.

Various actors in previous years have worked on video games, including huge stars like Sigourney Weaver and Angelina Jolie, highlighting the popularity of video games, more interesting, the interactive platform that these provide for a generation.

Even a full-length film doesn’t seem to keep our concentration anymore and actors have, rightly so, seen where their skills can be used and jumped ship to the world of video games.

Finally I thought I’d mention superheroes and how Robert Downey Jr mentioned to Sky News that they were flooding the market at the cinema. It appears to be the case on TV as well.

At first, thinking it was just a jealous spat from the actor, hoping for more viewers of his Iron Man institution but looking through cinema and TV listening there is a huge amount of ‘superhero’ action and even a prequel series following the background of Gotham — Batman’s home city.

There must be something in this for an audience and maybe we just can’t cope with reality anymore so audiences have gone speedily in the other direction to the extreme of fantasy.

Who knows, eating witchetty grub Down Under might be a thing of the past very soon. Tweets available @JamesEdgington