IT was only a matter of time until there was an animal rights outcry against I’m A Celebrity.

This week Chris Packham has launched an appeal raising awareness and asking the question of presenters Ant & Dec as to whether they want to take the shame of “exploitative entertainment” with them to their graves.

In an article in the Radio Times that really put the ‘ouch’ into a snake bite, Packham highlights how certain living creatures like rats and snakes provide huge importance to our ecosystem and using them on television as means to scare people is really not acceptable.

I have some sympathy with what Chris is saying however I don’t think it’s just Ant & Dec’s fault. I mean, they front the show but let’s face it they are probably paid handsomely and stay in a luxurious hotel so their thoughts will be far from the creepy crawlies in the celebrity camps.

I haven’t decided where I stand on this subject really but Chris Packham’s article has made me think more about the show and in fact the exploitation that really does go on.

It’s that time of year again and Christmas adverts are more exciting than the programmes that are in between them. This year there seems to be a lack of celebrity in the adverts with Tesco revealing a very ‘real’ advert about turning lights on for Christmas, John Lewis with Monty the Penguin who has become an overnight star and M&S revealing their fairy themed advert.

All quite understated but with a sense of family and love being top of the agenda. A feeling that in the hectic times we live in, Christmas gives back the chance to sit down with the family, catch up, have a rant and generally do what families do.

And what a fitting tribute it will be for Linda Bellingham’s Christmas OXO advert to be aired this year. Linda Bellingham wanted to have one last Christmas with her family however sadly she didn’t make it but her family and the rest of the UK will have one last Christmas with her.