There’s a saying, it’s not what you know but it’s who you know that counts…or something like that. It appears that this really could be the case after the announcement that Karl Largerfield’s cat, yes cat, has featured on the cover of fashion bible, Vogue.

This just proves that if you know the right person, like for instance the head designer for Chanel, then you can get anywhere. Largerfield’s superstar cat is called Choupette, so remember that name because next news she’ll be in the jungle or battling it out on Pointless Celebrities.

The X Factor is embarrassing itself more and more, criticising certain auditionees for being too ‘cruise ship’ or ‘karaoke’ yet allowing contestants like Stevi to totally Chico it up with the most outlandish production and Las Vegas style performance that you’ve ever seen. This year seems to be less about singing and more about getting in the press. Are people still really convinced that this is a real competition? Maybe these shows brainwash people, even I get a little hooked by them sometimes and I was part of one but the reality behind ‘reality TV’ is that human beings are being used. I mean there is a television programme now just watching people watch reality TV. Has the television producing community really run out of ideas?

Remake after remake just dilutes classic television. Stars in Their Eyes returns soon with Harry Hill as host. The man who never goes out without that collar and suit. I mean he’s a character for every appearance. I think he’ll make a mockery of what was once a classic show and something that launched the culture of the tribute act. Those words 'tonight Matthew I’m going to be… were not really tainted by Cat Deeley taking over the mantel of presenter 10 years ago but now a decade on, will a new generation take to Harry Hill in the same way?

And finally, I was stunned by a recent auction that took place in American where a courageous bidder took home the Lion costume from the original 1939 Wizard of Oz movie that starred Judy Garland. The winner of this auction remained anonymous spending just over $3million on the costume. I suppose that’s a talking point at a dinner party though or the bidder just bought the best and most expensive fancy dress costume ever. You can tweet me you know @JamesEdgington