IT is sickening and depressing to read a report on the online trade in wildlife, dead or alive.

The list is enormous and includes tigers, bears, chimps, gorilla, leopards and many species of wild bird.

A losing battle is being waged n wild around around the world. A click can bring you any creature or any piece of a creature to decorate your home. Russia, Ukraine and china are heavily involved but it is worldwide. Britain has a hug number of online adverts, 80 per cent of China's adverts are for ivory products, leading to an elephant being killed every five minutes.

Not only is vile cruelty involved but within a short time many species will be wiped out leading to horrendous damage to the Earth's wild spaces. All life is interdependent.

It is a worldwide crime requiring a worldwide fight to end it. It requires a massive educational push to help people realise the wonder of wildlife in its own environment. International funds are needed. However Britain's wildlife cybercrime unit was lost in the cuts. The UK National Wildlife Centre Unit has funding until 2016. Without action, vile and revolting cruelty takes place. Without action, today's newborn will inherit a planet devoid of wildlife.

David Sharples,

Tarbet Drive,