NOT to be outdone by the big bottomed Kim Kardigan (I make it up as I go along), the great grandmother of pop, Madonna, has posed for Interview magazine without the use of many clothes.

Sadly in a bid to appear like tasteful ‘arty’ shots, Madonna’s pictures have provoked a squirm rather than interest and it smacks of desperation.

Not that the mega star needs to be desperate, she’s done everything and when she was in her 20s, 30s, even 40s, it seemed acceptable to us that she would be seen in glossy magazines wearing next to nothing, however now at 56 she really needs to get a grip, grow old with a little dignity and slip a woolly jumper on because if she’s not had that flu jab getting a chill on your chest can be dreadful at her age.

Talking of getting a chill gives me a nice link to do an X Factor related topic, sort of.

Mel B is another who blasted onto the pop scene in a massive way as one of the Spice Girls and then went onto launch a solo career, put weight on, lose that weight while endorsing a shake drink in America and now has landed as a panellist on the biggest TV talent show in the country.

All this with a stint on Broadway in between and not to mention her family.

This girl has been busy and now Mel will appear in Corrie. Yes indeed she’s hitting the cobbles but not just in the regular series, it’s all for Text Santa ITV.

It would have made more sense that she took a cameo in Emmerdale being a Yorkshire lass but there are so many accents going on in the dales these days I don’t know whether I’m watching Peaky Blinders or Waterloo Road sometimes.

And finally are we really shocked with who has been evicted from the jungle so far? I don’t think so.

The whole show seems a little boring this year, we know they have to face snakes, we know they’ll be eating something undesirable and we know that Jake Quickenden will probably be evicted, returned to the The X Factor on a wild card and win it. Seriously, stranger things have happened.

I actually think it’s time for “I’m a general public, get me out of here”.

I think we need to see some real characters instead a few desperate egos fighting for publicity and a little limelight.

Granted some contestants are there for the experience but there’s a fine line between that blatant grabbing of the lime light. Tweets available @JamesEdgington