It has been  customary  to remind  citizens  at large  to  think about their frail elderly neighbours  especially over the christmas and new year period ie during the winter months. 

Christmas  is  a time of 'manifestation'  of good will  and kindnes to others mainly to those  who happen to be less fortuante than us.  <>

There are  millions  of  people living on their own and  sadly a large section of them are  frail and  in very advanced  years of their lives.  Some have  relatives and good caring friends who visit them regularly and  'look after' them  as  needed.  There are , however, many many older individuals  living alone  who  simply do not have anyone  to visit them ; they may be house bound with some disability and are only visited 'officially'  by  the  stautory agencies  to  suppy some food or offer some personal  care , nursing etc.  

For   a  human being with  'faculties' , that is  not enough!  In addition there are certain vital checks need to be made on a regular basis. 

Although  the incidence of  classical 'hypothermia' is   fortunately  much lower  these days ?  due to better mome heating systems ,  there are still many such people live  a very  'risky' existence.  A visit by a kind friendly caring person can be life saving and  be also become  a  'life-line'!  Our  communities are no longer what they once used to be ;  the  localities  have changed -- often  people  cannot comunicate properly  due to language barrier  and cultural  diffferences. The local post office or the corner shop are no longer there.  It is therefore very important that people  find out about their older neighbours and , if  she/he has no objection, to visit her from time to time just to befriend and also to see  'everything is safe and proper'.

By such visits many vulnerable lives can be  improved or even saved!!  PLEASE KEEP THAT IN YOUR MIND..