I REFER to the article on the proposals for Crompton Way, The Bolton News, February 3.

Cllr Nick Peel states that he is annoyed that Cllr Byrne has the audacity to call in the proposals for Crompton Way as it is in his ward.

I was under the impression that Cllr Peel represented the residents of Tonge Ward, and it is therefore not his ward, but the electorates. This is only one ward that makes up Bolton Metropolitan Council Cllr Byrne is allowed to call in the proposals as it is possible some of his electorate use the road in question and is responsible to them to put forward their concerns.

This proposal will, without doubt, cause additional congestion on this road and it should be remembered that, except for the hourly minibus 527, there is no public transport on this road as a result of bus service cuts.

This is also the ring road built to relieve the roads in the town centre and take through traffic away from the town centre.

Remember, if the Labour councillors want to bring in congestion charges, you have to have a good public transport system in place beforehand.

There is not a chance with representation we in Bolton have at the moment.

J Marsden Whiteoak View Bolton