With reference to the story about Crompton Way, if the majority of accidents are at junctions then changing to one lane will make no difference because this is due to driver error.

Why are we wasting good road space?

There will be no difference to journey times - even a child can see that this cannot possibly be true, look what happens when one lane of a motorway is closed.

When Moss Bank Way went single lane, coming home from Horwich at 5.30pm took an extra 15mins! Councillor Peel says this is a "bizarre call in". Does he think this change will only affect his ward and the 180 residents consulted?

When pedestrians start paying pavement tax and cyclists lane tax then give them a greater voice. Although they won't get one The opinions of council tax payers does not affect council decisions, we only pay their wages and then they make decisions totally against the wishes and interests of those who are in effect their employers.

Mrs Dunlop Eskdale Ave Bolton