I REFER to the article about the proposed Crompton Way road safety scheme. (The Bolton News, February 3) Between 2003 and 2006, there were 19 accidents on the stretch of Crompton Way between Tonge Moor Road and Thicketford Road, resulting in 27 casualties.

Highways engineers propose to carry out a number of safety features on this stretch of road, including reduction of the speed limit, pedestrian refuges and parking bays, in order to try to reduce these unacceptable statistics.

These measures have mine and my ward colleagues' full support, as they also receive the support of the majority of my constituents who had responded to a survey on their views.

As ward councillor for this area of Crompton Way, I fully endorse any measure that will give protection to my constituents.

Imagine therefore my incredulity when I see three people pictured in The Bolton News complaining about the scheme. They were: Cllr Stuart Lever, councillor for Astley Bridge -not affected by the proposals; "resident" Mr Norris, who lives in Breightmet - not affected by the proposals, and Deborah Dunleavy, Tory parliamentary candidate, who doesn't even live in Bolton, never mind Tonge!

Sorry, Cllr Lever and friends, but I'm going to listen to the views of my constituents before you.

Ms Dunleavy may want to take issue with Cllr Lever for involving her in this silly protest, as I am sure he has not told her of the over 1,000-name petition that was handed to David Crausby MP a few years ago, calling for action on Crompton Way following a spate of accidents. Our MP, David Crausby, worked with myself and my council colleagues for safer crossing facilities at Thicketford Road, which was the first part of the overall solution, the tabled scheme being the second part.

Finally, Cllr Lever is not quite sure why he is against the safety scheme as he openly admits that a similar scheme introduced at Moss Bank Way some years ago significantly reduced accidents whilst not altering journey times one bit.

Cllr Lever says - "even if that's true, people will perceive it to be the case".

A statement that sums it all up - if the evidence is not on your side, it's easier to ignore it!

Cllr Elaine Sherrington Tonge with The Haulgh Ward