I READ with interest Cllr Morgan's letter on the proposed consultation on new mechanisms for traffic management and investment in public transport in Greater Manchester.

He accuses the ten Leaders of the Greater Manchester Councils of dancing to the tune being played by central government without actually thinking about the consequences of supporting such a scheme for Bolton. I was pleased to notice this condemnation includes the current Tory Leader of Trafford Council, who is also the Tory candidate for Bolton West at the next General Election. We should note that she was so at ease with the proposals that she didn't even think it was necessary to attend the meeting. We can only assume that her absence and silence on the issue means she is endorsing it.

Cllr Morgan's comments are a cynical effort to misrepresent the public about our position and score cheap political points.

In contrast to Cllr Morgan, we believe we have a duty to look at how we can reduce the unchecked growth in congestion which will ultimately have a negative impact on the commercial viability of the town centre. Furthermore, regardless of the Tories' words that they care about the environment, the continued unchecked growth in car use will have a negative impact on our environment and associated public health respiratory problems.

We are prepared to face these difficult questions and, through a process of consultation and evidence-based research, come up with the answers.

However, I can categorically state we will not endorse a London-style congestion charge. We will not endorse a scheme that does not provide effective public transport alternatives for the people of Bolton and we would not endorse any scheme that was unacceptable to the majority of residents in Bolton.

"Labour is for the many, not the few".

Cliff Morris Leader of Bolton Council