MAY I beg the use of your Letters page to inform your readers of an appeal being supported by our Bolton group.

The China Bear Rescue has embarked on a £130,000 project to build a bear "paradise" in its Chinese sanctuary.

This will consist of 12 dens and adjoining enclosures to house 48 bears which have been rehabilitated from the disgustingly inhumane "bile farms".

The sanctuary itself is bursting at the seams with nearly 200 moon bears, and there are literally thousands more being held in crates on the "farms" in the most unbelievable conditions.

Last week, the local rescue group held a joint venture in Horwich with the charity Paws For Kids, which benefited each organisation to the tune of nearly £300. This is our initial contribution to the bricks and mortar of the new sanctuary.

If any of your readers would like to get involved, they can contact me on 01204 302040.

Graham Austin Treasurer Bear Rescue Group (Bolton)