Originally  established as a byproduct of the National '' Better Governmenet for Older People'' initiative nearly  15 years ago, and following a 'good life',   BOFF will stop functioning from the beginning of June 2015. <>

Over the last one and a half decade, this 'voluntary and entirely non-political' organisation  has attempted hard to disseminate information and knowledge about old age, ageing, service provisions for the older people and the frail /disabled and lobbied  various statutory agencies for the betterment of services. With  a limited membership ( without any subscriptions)  this body has been manged by a small  executive group,  annually 'elected' by the members. Its 'Newsletter' edited, printed and circulated to many people in Bolton  has always been well regarded and widely read/discussed.

Rugular bimonthly  'members'  open  meetings at the Friends Meeeting House were held  with  lectures , discussions and ebates  by a variety of very able and knowledgeable individuals covering ''all'' aspects of old age and related subjects. These have alwyas been publicised in the local media and reasonably attended by Bolton citizens.

Large educational seminars have been held in the Town Hall on  relavent and 'controversial'  topics  eg   Elder Abuse ,  End of Life Care and Assisted Death  etc attended by large audiences - both members and non-members of the Federation, without any attendance charges.

Essay competitions among junior and senior school pupils  have been  organised ( wih prizes and certificates) with  results announced by the Mayor in the Town Hall and wide  publicities. All these were done  to raise  interest and  'awareness' amongst our young boys and girls on old age and older people.

BOFF Newsletters ( published bimonthly)  , as mentioned before, have been very well received  and have always carried very useful articles and information on old age.

Now the oranisation is facing unsurmountable difficulties in its day to day running and management; members,  although  supportive of the work , have not been  able to come  forward to do the 'foot-work' ; financial inadequacy has also been responsible. It has , therefore, been necessary to make a very 'hard' and  'heart-shattering' decision to close it down. 

As its President, I feel intensely sad about it and I  would hope that all individuals, young and old,  must remain alert and vigilant on older peoples needs and attempt to help them  when required.  Just like the rest of the society, people in later years of life will change;  older people of tomorrow will be totally different from the older people of yesterday - their priorities and needs will be different . The services too must keep on changing .