I HAVE heard this week about an innovative new 'movement' in Bolton called #LOVEDOES.

It is an uplifting project which aims to “do something great to give back to the community".

It is achieved simply by finding and encouraging local people to make a practical difference.

It might be something like a community clean-up, tending local gardens, visiting elderly residents, or free gift giveaways.

It is being spearheaded by the Kings Church in Breightmet — but (and I probably shouldn’t need to say this) you don’t have to be religious to get involved.

The first big clean-up is due to take place this weekend in Breightmet with about 140 volunteers set to take to the streets.

Then next Saturday, there will be the very first #LOVEDOES Charity Fun Run at Leverhulme Park.

Now, despite the fact the words fun and run should never appear in the same sentence, this is a great idea and should hopefully become a regular event.

It’s £5 to take part and proceeds go to Bolton Hospice

Part of the blurb on the #LOVEDOES Facebook group puts the aims of the movement far better than I could.

It says: “People often talk about bringing change, but we really want to be that change in our local community. We love this area and want to do something to make it even greater.”

What a superb aim. I have been banging on in this column on and off about change – mainly when it comes to the subject of litter.

There has been a lot of coverage in The Bolton News about fly-tipping and littering.

But there is really only so much the council can do with limited resources. People need to take their own action.

If you see litter, pick it up. If you see fly-tipping, knock on your neighbours’ doors, get a group together, and sort it out.

Another part of #LOVEDOES is to take the #LOVEDOES challenge.

This involves checking in on their Facebook page every day and then following the latest piece of advice to make the world a happier place.

Examples include: 'compliment someone today — make sure it is someone you don't usually chat to'; 'drop some flowers into a neighbour'; 'leave a note on someone's desk telling them something great about them that you have noticed'; and 'go out into your street today and spend just 15 minutes picking up litter'.

These are the sort of things we should probably do a bit more often anyway — but joining in with the #LOVEDOES movement might just encourage us all to make the world a better place. I for one think it's a great idea.

For more information go to facebook.com/lovedoesuk