A LOT of my clients, either from personal training or classes, are working towards their summer holiday beach body. 

And whether you are travelling for pleasure or work, keeping up those great healthy habits you have worked so hard for can be a big ask when you are away from home. 

Yes you deserve a break now you are fitter and healthier but you shouldn’t then let it all go to ruin by eating and drinking everything you see at your all inclusive buffet. 

Now I’m not saying you need to go running every day down the beach (which I hear all the time and very rarely happens) but, with a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to return from your hols a shade more golden and NOT a few stone heavier. 

The first place you can lose your focus is the airport. Sat around for hours waiting with only a meal deal to eat and many, many drinks and sweets at duty free. 

Whenever I have been away I always make sure I have made up my own food for the airport and taken high protein snacks to nibble on. 

High protein meals can improve appetite control and stop you from munching more and more throughout the day. Staying hydrated at home is easy but when you are travelling it can be very difficult.

When we are thirsty, our mind often tries to tell us we are hungry this then makes you eat extra unnecessary calories which then sit on your waistline. Upon waking, drink minimum of 500ml of water, then aim to have another 500ml every hour or two. 

Your holiday may be a nice break from your normal routine but don’t let it be an excuse to skip a workout. Find out what opportunities your accommodation offers before you set off. Most places have a pool, some form of gym, tennis courts and bike retreats. Then make sure you pack your gear and plan in your workout at the beginning of the day so there’s no excuse to miss it.

If you want to do something but don’t want to do too much then design a short high intensity workout for your hotel room. This could be as quick as 10 minutes with all body weight exercises. 

Just remember that staying fit whist you’re on your hols doesn’t have to mean skipping the sight-seeing or missing a posh meal at a nice restaurant. Just enjoy yourself, take time to relax and you’ll feel much better when you return home to your normal routine as you won’t have completely ignored it while you were away.

Chris Bramah is a personal fitness trainer who works with individuals and groups. Contact him on 07933 779858, or email chris@hityourfitnesstarget.co.uk