Well, well, well. Who knew that Kanye was the biggest rock star on the planet? Watching Glastonbury back, as I didn't see much live being the working "rock star" that I am, I was stunned by Kanye's arrogance, ego and overall nerve to be so unhumble (new word for Summer). He really is something else. If his performance would have merited such a statement then maybe I could have let him off, but he sounded like a goat trying to get off some barbed wire. Dreadful is a super understatement. Miming at one point to undoubtedly one of — if not the actual — greatest rock star ever in Freddie Mercury, Kanye totally forgot the words and just looked really awkward. For a headline act at one of the world's biggest festivals he failed to bring anything other than flat notes and big headedness to what should have been the best performance of the weekend. He pretty much insulted every other performer on the bill and others who have graced the stage before him. He was an absolute disgrace to the music industry and really did show himself up to be quite an idiot. Americans can usually talk the talk while walking the walk, but this fool can't really do either without looking totally stupid.

You thought I wasn't going to mention it didn't you? Wimbledon, I mean. So many people will be throwing a sicky from work to catch the tennis, Pimms sales will go through the roof and strawberries have never been so popular. Yes the grass court Grand Slam hits us once again and this year there seems to be an even bigger buzz about the competition than ever. Knowing now that Andy Murray has won it and is a Grand Slam champion there is more relaxed conversation about Wimbledon and people seem to be excited to watch it. Complaints came in about players swearing though after day one, but although it might be offensive to some people there doesn't seem to be the same outcry when footballers spit all over the pitch or swear at each other during a match — so why such a fuss about tennis players? It's a heated sport; it's the player's life and dream so everything is going into it. The odd swear and tantrum surely doesn't need to make front page headlines. Serena Williams for the women and Andy Murray for the men, that's my prediction and let's hope they aren't both out of the competition before this is printed.

Enjoy the heatwave, tan responsibly and make it last because it'll soon be time to put your sprouts on a low boil. Take care out there. Tweet me sunny things @JamesEdgington