MILLIONS of pounds each year are raised for research into cancer by wonderfully dedicated people doing extraordinary fundraising events.

Thousands each month from Bolton.

Has anyone ever wondered how this charity is spending your money?

Over four million animals (cats, dogs, horses, birds,pigs, fish, rabbits and mice) are cruelly experimented on each year. Proof and photos of experiments which are extremely distressing, can be found on the internet.

We need to follow the three R's.

Reduction of animals used by improving techniques and sharing data, refining experiments and providing better care to minimise suffering and replacing the use of animals by adopting alternative techniques.

Animals are not like humans, the benefits of experimenting in them is questionable and can often be produced in other ways.

Dr Hadwen's Trust is a non animal research charity funding research into such diseases as cancer, asthma and Alzheimers.

But our government would rather tamper with our emotions and use your donations to pay scientists and spend millions on advertising on television and magazines. Don't be taken for a ride anymore. There are better more humane alternatives.

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