King Harry might still be the public choice

IT’S not long ago that Prince Harry was doing a very good job as the black sheep of the royal family.

Whether he was cavorting nude with American beauties, stumbling out of nightclubs in the early hours or just living an aimless, rich and privileged lifestyle, in spite of his Army background he really wasn’t a responsible royal.

In 2015, though, I suspect that if there was a meaningful pubic poll to discover which member of the royal family people would prefer to take the throne, a majority would choose Harry.

This isn’t any slur on William and Kate who come across as excellent royal examples - sensible, family-oriented and empathetic with all they meet.

They are also rather safe and a little – dare I say it – dull. Harry still looks slightly unpredictable. He always throws himself into official activities – posing for selfies with crowds, laughing with children and poking fun – and his natural enthusiasm is infectious.

He’s currently fifth in line of succession, but for many he’s still No.1.