In reply to the feature from Kat Dibbits (The Bolton News, June 4), I would like to inform her that there is currently a competion asking people to vote for the world's sexiest vegetarian.

There are almost 200 sizzling celebrities competing for the 2007 title and I am sure that even Ms Dibbits would agree that lots of them are indeed sexy.

I name but a few: Joss Stone, Anne Hathaway, Joaquin Pheonix, Russell Brand, Daryl Hannah, Sadie Frost and Naomi Watts.

Their reasons for keeping animals off their plates are diverse, the hideous cruelty inflicted to animals in factory farms and abattoirs, improving their own health and fitness (there are many vegan and veggie marathon runners and body-builders), and also the detrimental effects that livestock farming has on the environment.

Remember "we are what we eat" and these compassionate vegetarians are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside!

To vote for your favourite sexy veggie see

Olga Gee, Watling St, Affetside