NOW that the plans for congestion charging have been published, it is clear it will be a massive extra tax.

For many people, it would cost more than the council tax just to get to work to earn some money.

Once charges are introduced, they would soon increase massively - as in London - both in cost and in scope.

So many people would no longer be able to afford to run a car. Other people will just have huge chunks taken out of their income, equivalent to five or 10 pence in the pound, which will pay for supposed transport improvements that they may never see, let alone benefit from.

Therefore, we need a strong campaign against congestion charging.

As part of that, I am organising a petition to go house to house in politically critical parts of Greater Manchester to show local politicians that most people are against this.

So, please, could anybody willing to help in this important venture telephone me on 0161 798 9173.

This really is a case of campaign vigorously now or pay a fortune later!

Geoffrey Berg Perrymead Prestwich