SO yet again our councillors say one thing before the elections and then do something completely different.

Before the elections the Lib Dems and the Tories said that they were not in favour of any proposed congestion charging in the area and eventually I believe the Labour party followed suit. This was in response to the probable angry response from most sensible people who see this as just another tax up front with promises of fantastic improvements in other transport options somewhere in the future. Just for once councillors get the improvements in place before you start to discuss increasing our tax.

Now they all announce that there will be a cross party group set up to discuss plans for congestion charging - which sounds like how they will introduce it to me. If they stuck to what they said then the meeting should be a short one - reject any plans for congestion charging.

More and more businesses are using out of town business parks, where the only way of getting there is usually by car or an infrequent bus service, but generally you have to go across the proposed congestion areas. Train services, which are privately owned, do not put on sufficient carriages so that commuter travel is a nightmare, and buses, again privately run, seem to operate when they want, use old vehicles with pollution belching out of them.

All this makes you want to consider setting up a non-political party called the common sense party, or the truth party where we could bring a modicum of such things back to local management.

We all saw what happened when our so called elected, sensible councillors introduced the two weekly bin collection against common sense thinking.

Generally the public lets our councillors get on with things and get away with stuff that appears stupid. But there is a limit and they do seem to keep pushing against that line to see if they can get away with it.

Congestion charging is another one of those lines - do it at your peril - we have just about had enough.

Alan Hayes, Horseshoe Lane, Bromley Cross