THE stabbing of bulls in an arena under the name of sport has to be one of the last vestiges for the degeneration of the human spirit.

Why should any animal brought in to the world be tortured in this way?

It is also incomprehensible as to why this is still allowed within the European Community. Are we condoning it?

I say good luck to all those who are making their protest at this disgusting spectacle as outlined in Friday's edition of The Bolton News.

I have been to a bullfight, many years ago. It was a most degrading experience with bulls urinating in fear as the so called, brave matadors prepared to plunge their swords into already weakened animals to demonstrate their so called superiority.

The sooner this is sport' is brought to an end the better. Bullfighting has no place in modern society.

I am pleased to read that the majority of Spanish people have no interest in bullfighting. They pride themselves in being quite a religious society.

To quote Isaiah 66.3; when talking about future enlightened times, he says, "Whoever sacrifices a bull is like one who kills a man". It is time the rest of them took note.

On the bright side, judging by the picture in The Bolton News it looked quite an entertaining demonstration. Damn! Always in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Roy Caswell, Beverley Rd, Bolton