BRITAIN has surely reached a foul stage in its history, headed by the dreaded Brexit and the decay it offers our future.

We cannot leave the topic alone, however painful.

It is like an ever-threatening crippling disease which will eventually grab the patient, however many pills and tonics sit on the bedside table.

The politicians are in total mix-up with the media feeding off the scraps from the floor.

Meanwhile, the world knows it can shrug its shoulders and move on without us.

Perhaps we will have to kow-tow to a world-dominating China —a real role reversal!

Kick-starter Cameron is no doubt already setting up a fresh career, as did his chancellor.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davies float in cuckooland while Theresa May attempts to steer the ship with soggy string.

Boris is regarded as increasingly pathetic.

The US, with Trump at the helm, is already enmeshed in the East.

A Commonwealth remembers being dumped back in the 1970s when we actually joined Europe.

For Britain, the only meaningful link is with the European continent — different languages but like minds.

Europe would prefer us to stay, but when the chasm finally opens, they will shrug a little sadly, but then reality will take over and they will look to themselves, ignoring that sad shadow somewhere off the coast.

David Sharples

Tarbet Drive