Re David Sharples and his doom laden letter dated 21/11/2017.

Who does he think he is kidding, we import far more from the EU than we export to them.

A significant loss to the EU, perhaps he could inform us how much in total the other 27 countries put into the coffers of the EU remember we put in £10 billion. I personally think the money would be better spent here.

It is not the UK who are stalling in the negotiations, it is Barnier who is the cause of the lack of progress.

His outrageous demands of a divorce bill, OK Mr Barnier let’s see your demands. You do not demand in negotiations, you put your case and the other party put theirs, you do not threaten them.

I personally would tell him goodbye and come back when he grows up.

He seems to be a lot more belligerent since his meeting with Corbyn, I wonder what was said?

A note to our Prime Minister, do not offer any more taxpayers' money to the EU until a breakdown is given and the public can see it. Otherwise walk away, do not be intimidated by the EU elite.

Iain Camick