IN the From the Files column of the Looking Back section of November 22 is a reprint from 25 years ago describing the complaints made by Horwich traders in Winter Hey Lane about the over-zealousness of the local traffic warden, Colin Smith, whom they dubbed the Horwich Hitler.

A quarter of a century on, there is no Horwich Hitler in evidence, but we have an extremely dangerous Winter Hey Lane in spite of efforts to improve safety such as by the introduction of 20mph zones, thanks in large part to the commitment and persistence of Cllr Richard Silvester.

There is general disregard for the double yellow lines in Winter Hey Lane, with many drivers simply parking at will wherever is most convenient for their purpose.

Particular bad spots are outside betting shops, cash points and the Cooperative store.

The attitude would seem to be “It’s only me, and it’s only for a minute or two….”

In an orderly, caring society it is not, of course, a matter of “only me”, nor are such trips actually “for a minute or two”.

And this despite the fact that there is always free parking available just a few yards away either on the public car parks or on the side street. Accidents need less than “a minute or two” to happen.

The result? A risky run of the gauntlet through a chicane of vehicles parked illegally for the convenience of the selfish, slowing down and frustrating those who do try observe the law, and increasing the risk of traffic collisions, especially pedestrians, cyclists and those in vehicles for the disabled.

Now one would wish to see the original German original brought back but, dear Horwich Hitler, we need you as never before.

Robert Aston