I AM writing in response to your article about Maxine Peake's support for the campaigners against the development on Hulton Park.

There are huge swathes of green belt land which is being earmarked for development, especially in north Bolton.

Another controversial area is the green fields near Doffcocker Lodge nature reserve.

The heart of Bolton is being ripped up in order to serve, in Maxine's words, a few "greedy, heartless developers".

Strong words, but dead right as it is even written into the policy document Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

This document actually states that North Bolton provides the "opportunity area in a relatively strong housing market area provides the potential to provide low density, higher-value housing in attractive places


Although Maxine's grammar is far better, you certainly get the picture.

If the developers get their way, there will be a few more wealthy people, but many more angry ones, yet still people living rough in Bank Street while our green spaces are sucked into a few bank accounts.

There is nothing set in stone yet but there is a meeting in January and the results will be published in summer.

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