IF ever there was a feelgood programme it’s Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

This Saturday night viewing favourite epitomises the best in both comedy and reality TV. McIntyre’s jolly manner and clever observational humour make easy viewing and his show has introduced some genuinely funny innovations.

There’s the marvellous Send to All in which he borrows a celebrity’s phone to send a message to all his contacts. The replies to the often saucy or outlandish messages are hilarious.

Then there’s the Midnight Game Show when he and a film crew surprise someone at home in the early hours. As well as quiz questions he brings in guests. Last weekend it was Spurs hero Ossie Ardiles to which to the bemused victim simply said “All right, Ossie?” as if he’d just met him in the pub.

Then there’s the Unexpected Star of the Show when he fools someone into turning up and then gets them performing. It’s all heartwarming stuff and a brilliant antidote to winter’s chill.