CAN Cllr Paul Richardson or his party please tell us:

1 With the increase risk of sinkholes, what measures are being put in place to document all the hundreds of undocumented mineshafts in the little lever area some of which intended to be being built upon with new houses which are at an obvious risk of collapse if a sinkhole does form?

2 What measures are being taken to highlight the current mine shafts and make homeowners aware of the potential dangers so they can take action now before we see a poor family possibly lose their homes or their lives?

3 What measures have been taken to excavate and dispose of the Cancerous Chromium IV pollution under the grounds and surrounding Little Lever school from which soil samples were taken and found to be at a very high level by environmental health back in the 80s? Asphalting over the problem doesn't make it go away.

Rather than focus on national issues they haven't been elected for, I want to see action on real local issues UKIP.

What are you doing?

Name and address supplied