SO, ex-UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall says the change of colour for UK passports is music to his ears (Letters, December 27).

What he fails to mention is that the cost of changing passports from burgundy to blue comes at a expense of £500 million to British taxpayers. This is what the Tories intend to spend on the change.

This money could be spent on our NHS, our schools, tackling homelessness, and rough sleeping, as well as reducing the need for some hardworking families being forced to use foodbanks in order to get by, we should be creating a fairer more equal society, not wasting it on some people's vanity projects.

I suspect the majority of passport holders could not care less what colour the passport is.

Of course, a slim majority voted to leave the EU, but is the massive cost justified?

The worrying thing is as the weeks and months go by, the Tories are making little headway in talks with the EU, and there is a real threat to millions of British jobs, and environmental protection laws could be lost forever under the inept Tory Government.

The Green Party believes while it is right for Parliament to vote on the final deal, the British public should have the final say on any deal done, for the referendum of 2016, was not binding, it was merely advisory.

Whether to leave or remain, voters did not vote to be worse off.

Alan Johnson

Bolton Green Party