WHY are there different fine charges also cost and victim charges for the same offence?

The charge is for fly-tipping, so regardless of what has been tipped, the fines should be the same whether you plead guilty or just not bother to turn up.

The cost of dumping one fish tank is £220, yet the cost of dumping a mattress and two chairs is only £187.

Then, to top it all, one culprit dumps 15 bags of waste and his costs are only £77.

The fines have all been inconsistent £440 the offence is for fly-tipping.

So why has Zsolt Kolompar only been fined £80 for dumping four bags of waste and victim surcharge charge of only £30 when all the others have been charged £44?

Surely this sets a precedent for the culprits that were fined £440 to appeal against the size of the fine, in comparison to a fine of £80 for the same offence of fly-tipping.

Could someone from the judicial system please clarify the reason for these differences set out above, or is the law still an ass?

Derek Entwistle