CAN someone from Bolton Council explain to me why our bin men have refused to remove one bin bag left by myself and my neighbour at the side of our micro bins?

Due to the festive period and the snow, our small bins have not been emptied for a month.

I would have thought that it was not asking the council too much to remove one bag per household together with the emptying of our bins.

This area is severely blighted by fly-tipping and yet the council refuse to assist their residents by removing one bin bag after a month of inaction by their refuse collectors.

I personally attended to the removal of several bin bags over the past month as clearly our small bins are not able to cope with a months rubbish especially when that covers the Christmas period.

If I were not a responsible person, I would take the council's refusal to help me as a green light to fly-tip.

I am sure that irresponsible residents will fly-tip this week when they see the bin men refusing to remove bin bags and the council will only have itself to blame.

Thank goodness that I ensured that my small bin lid was not a millimetre open, otherwise I assume that they would have refused to empty that as well.

Name and address supplied