I WROTE to Chris Green MP ahead of his question in the House of Commons yesterday.

You may recall that I wrote to you in October before the winter set in, about the extended delays in my time in Accident and Emergency at Royal Bolton Hospital. According to the excellent staff who cared for me, it was because of the lack of the resources and inadequate care services in the community, which created ‘bed blocking’ so that there were no beds available in the hospital.

I understand you have a Prime Minister's Question tomorrow. As my MP, will you share my concerns and the majority of your constituents in Bolton West, about the NHS and care winter crisis?

I’m concerned that the hospital trust were forced during December to issue a ‘black alert’ spending more than £1.6m more than planned on total staffing costs and cancelling all scheduled routine operations until February 1.

Would you ask the Prime Minister how she intends to handle the crisis in the NHS and Care service and show how the Health Service is in the ‘good hands’ of the Government?

I would be grateful if you let me know if you intend to use your opportunity tomorrow to speak up for the NHS and Care Service in Bolton and take up the challenge of Julie Hilling, prospective Labour MP for this constituency, to a public debate on the Health and Care Service.

David Griffiths

Mill Lane