I HAVE written previously about the need for transparency and the highest levels of probity in elections and I know that most of your readers support this view.

Even Labour councillors supported my motion at council to ask the Government for Bolton to be a pilot council where voters should have to prove their identity at the polling station before voting at the local elections in May.

Readers will recall that without referring the matter back to council Labour leaders then withdrew the application and Bolton will not have tighter controls in place.

It seems to me that those who oppose greater transparency and proper validation do not care about democracy and have something to hide.

Chris Green MP was right to raise the matter with the Prime Minister.

We need proper safeguards at polling stations as well as the new measures to tighten up on potential and in some cases known abuse of postal votes if voters are to have confidence in our democratic process.

Cllr John Walsh

Astley Bridge Ward

Bolton MBC