BELIEVING that extra police is the answer to tackling crime, (Comment, February 12), is surely akin to believing that making bigger clothes is the answer to tackling obesity.

To tackle obesity, because it could cripple if not bankrupt the nation.

We need to unite to reduce it.

With crime, it’s surely so big that, even by doubling police numbers, it wouldn’t suffice.

The reality is, virtually everyone in the country is affected by crime, even criminals.

If 'little' drug dealers put a foot wrong, they can be ‘taken care of’ by bigger dealers. And worse, big dealers can also "take care of" the police.

Dealing with crime, is not unlike dealing with torrential rain. With flooding, no sooner is water stopped from getting through the door, then it gets through the windows, then into the next house, and so on.

Given that technology virtually rules our lives, people who can’t afford it need to steal it to survive.

Accordingly, since technology is fast replacing the role of human beings, and with Theresa May pledging to invest in it to make Britain a world leader, it would surely make sense to help the police to fight car crime by making speed limiters compulsory in all bar emergency vehicles.

Online, they cost as little as £145.

If millionaires can pay thousands of pounds for hi-tech security to stop criminals breaking into their ‘castle’, its surely only fair that, a ‘few bob’ is spent to stop them breaking speed limits, and leaving poor people behind, if not dead.

Not only would limiters reduce the need for traffic cops, but by reducing road casualties if could potentially save the NHS.

Ultimately, by eradicating speeding, and thereby reducing CO2 emissions, ‘governors’ would help to control both crime and climate change.

It’s surely a ‘no brainer’!

For as sure as eggs is eggs, if we don’t control climate change, conflict, migration and crime will only get worse. And with technology, anyone in the world can break into Britain!

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