THERE is no doubt in my mind that because of the traffic issues the present site of the Olive Primary School, is not the right one and thus a new location must be found as matter of urgency.

We were told at planning committee that the school is seeking an early resolution to this having been refused a council-owned site previously.

There are two reasons why I supported the school remaining on the present site for two years, despite these concerns.

First, to force the school to close would disrupt the education of children already at the school in an area with a shortage of school places.

To place more children in schools already near or at full capacity would disrupt the education of many more local children.

Secondly, the planning committee is bound by the law.

As planning officers advised the committee was limited to three reasons to refuse and the applicant had met all three meaning there were no legal grounds to oppose the application.

I believe that transparency, openness and logic were the reasons for accepting an otherwise unsatisfactory application.

Cllr John Walsh

Astley Bridge Ward