RE the development at Fairways.

The plan that appeared in the Wednesday issue for the development at Fairways has several flaws.

The biggest of which, is there seems to only be one way in and out.

There are six cul-de-sacs, which all lead on to a ring avenue that has one artery leading to a single exit road.

This in itself does not appear to be a main road, but only another section of the estate.

The second issue is there seem to be a number of housing units that have no vehicular access.

I count 30, many of which might actually be two dwellings.

I am sure in the architects mind these were devised for people who don't drive, but this is not a viable way of thinking.

No one is going to say to perspective buyer that they can't buy these houses if they have cars, so the reality is that all these homes are potentially going to be bought by people with at least one car.

All of these cars will have to be parked elsewhere in the estate, probably in front of other peoples homes.

The last issue is what is going to happen to the dead end cul-de-sacs in the future.

Years ago, a former work colleague's father bought a house on a new development. It was bought because it was a cul-de-sac.

At the time, he was assured by the developer that there would be no more homes built.

So you can imaging his surprise when several years later they started to build in the fields behind his home.

This in itself wouldn't have been an issue, but for the fact they opened up his cul-de-sac to become the through road to the new estate; ruining the peacefulness of his location.

Not being happy with this, he put his house on the market.

But selling it proved to be a problem, as the change in road status meant it was no longer a prime spot and the developer was asking less money for the new homes than his should have been worth.

In this day and age you have to plan estates around how people live.

This means an estate of 174 homes, is likely to have a minimum of 348 cars, which need to be parked somewhere.

And assurances that there will be no more, should be legally binding.

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