IT is with a degree of amusement and some concern that I read in your paper on February 28 the on-going spat between Farnworth and Kearsley party and Labour.

It was amusing that Farnworth Labour Cllr Jean Gillies and Farnworth and Kearsley First's Paul Sanders are gently knocking spots of one another over holding street political stalls, and who has got permission to hold these stalls.

Farnworth has enough problems without this distraction — it needs investment and not ignoring.

But the other issue is why do political parties need permission to hold stalls, and which section of the authority is saying this?

Surely these kind of activities are a vital ingredient of a flourishing democracy, and why should an authority act in what seems like a Stalinist way.

If parties whilst holding these stalls are not obstructing the pavement or highway, or impeding anyone's business where is the problem?

Also, Iwould just like to remind people there are other parties standing in next weeks by-election which electors might also like to consider.

Alan Johnson

Bolton Green Party