EVIDENCE from The Equality Trust shows that the UK is one of the most unequal countries in the developed world and this damages our society in terms of health, crime, levels of trust and social cohesion.

The Government could take a major step, right now, to improve the situation.

They could implement the (currently dormant) Socio-Economic Duty in Section 1 of The Equality Act 2010.

This would require public bodies, including local councils, to adopt effective and transparent policies to reduce the inequalities that result from socio-economic disadvantage.

It would be a really powerful force for reducing inequality at national and local level.

People can email their MP to ask them to support the Socio-Economic Duty via The Equality Trust website, and they can also lobby our local councillors (and council) to act.

Inequality is not inevitable and we can all take action to reduce it.

David and Brenda Griffiths

Mill Lane