I REFER to your recent report that work has started on the demolition on the former Wayne Walker building at the junction of Bradshawgate and Trinity Street.

Two thoughts come to mind.

The first being Cllr Morris's regret last year that the business was to close at the very time he as leader of the council was agreeing to buy the building and knew the business was to close.

The second is my proposal in council earlier last year that the junction should be remodelled to make Trinity Street two-way across Bradshawgate towards Breightmet and Bury.

This would remove the one way system for traffic coming from Bradford Street having to turn right into Manchester Road. It would also improve traffic flows and reduce pollution along Manchester Road, but Labour councillors dismissed the idea.

There is already the cleared site across Bradshawgate following the mill fire some years ago so a re-alignment of Trinity Street would be possible.

A new car park will only add to the volume of traffic and congestion at the junction.

I hope that before design work on the car park is completed and building works begin land will be reserved to allow alterations to the junction in the future and thus avoid the daily congestion and delays.

Cllr John Walsh

Astley Bridge Ward