ON Friday, the staff from a Yorkshire Lamb slaughterhouse finally faced sentencing at Leeds Magistrates Court.

This long-running case involved some horrendous incidents of callous cruelty and a company director who completely failed in his duty to protect these animals from illegal abuse.

We are deeply disappointed to share the news with you that the three workers and the director were sentenced to a mixture of suspended sentences, fines and unpaid community work.

I definitely feel that this does not reflect the severity of the abuses uncovered by hidden cameras.

I hope that the promised introduction of tougher sentencing for animal cruelty, in addition to mandatory CCTV surveillance in all English slaughterhouses, will serve as deterrents in the future.

This is not just an isolated case — undercover footage has revealed shocking abuse and lawbreaking across the industry.

There is no kind way to kill someone who wants to live.

If you aren’t vegan already, please consider it. It’s so easy to eat well and cruelty free in Bolton.

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