READING the comments of Cllr Sue Haworth that bare-knuckle boxing is not fit for our town (The Bolton News, March 6).

May I suggest Cllr Haworth takes a walk through our town centre at night and tell me what she would consider fit.

A town centre that is no longer fit for purpose, run down pubs and clubs, new ones open and close within months as do many shops.

Night time, apart from The Vaults, has little to entice people, especially as the police can no longer protect the public at night.

As for the boxing, it's legal, many people pay good money to watch it and one of the organisers mentioned in the article has raised money for local charities though such events in the past.

It also as mentioned arranged feeding homeless and food parcels for pensioners.

I think our town centre after midnight would be far better in a Guy Ritchie movie or even Hammer House of Horrors, depending on which side of town your taking a risk to walk through.

Not that daytime Bolton is much better these days.

I would have thought the good councillor would do better trying to get the town policed again and even put some police cells back in the town might help, rather than running down events like this.

Joe Cooke

Bromwich Street