TEN years after Bolton Council handed over Bolton Market Hall to Moorgarth Group, despite more than 80,000 people signing a petition calling for local traders to stay, now we have a situation were the Moorgarth wants to go some way back to as we were, by bringing back some form of a market.

The Market hall as it was attracted thousands of visitors from other towns, as well as locals.

The Market Hall had character, and was a attraction to many.

The Market place is full of national retailers, who, although providing local jobs, their profits are taken out of the local economy, and given to shareholders.

Smaller local retailers provide employment for many, and their profits tend to remain in the local economy.

The question is of the two which benefits the town of Bolton, I think your readers know the answer to that.

And as for Labour Council leader Linda Thomas saying “this is another coupe for Bolton” and she goes on to say "residents will be very happy to see the return of the markets to the Market Place”, I am sure she is right.

Not only local residents, but visitors from out of town will, and we may hopefully see a return to a thriving Bolton.

But this begs the question why did our council ignore the wishes of more than 80,000 who signed the petition, more than 10years ago?

Questions to be asked, and answered.

Alan Johnson

Bolton Green Party