MY revelation at the recent council meeting about the Asons debts of £25 million has raised many worrying aspects about events in Bolton Council over recent years.

In particular, one comment on The Bolton News website raises real matters of concern and readers may like to read it in full.

The writer refers to the resignation of Paul Najsarek, the former chief executive, because Labour councillors had used emergency powers to pass legal documents without the authorisation of the chief executive.

Although the cost was covered up, we all know that resignation cost council taxpayers a huge sum in compensation.

Another claim is that fraudulent invoices were used to support the Asons grant.

This was specifically denied by Labour when opposition councillors questioned this at the scrutiny committee.

There is no reason to believe these claims and others are not true.

Until there is proof they are wrong, the comments go a long way to confirming concerns previously raised but denied by Labour councillors.

In the interests of probity and indeed legality, the whole circumstances of the Asons loan and other matters over recent years must now be fully investigated and reported openly.

Cllr John Walsh

Astley Bridge Ward