REGARDING the report in The Bolton News on Tuesday ­— Multi Million Plan to build two new schools.

While there is no doubt we do have a school place shortage in Bolton, my main concern is why greenbelt land off Freshfield Avenue Great Lever has been chosen.

Surely there is more than enough brownfield land available, and after all, Bolton Council does have a policy of brownfield first, so why has the site been chosen?

There have been too many applications recently wanting to build on our precious green space, what with Hulton Estate, and Hulton playing field.

So why again should our green space be taken away?

Another worrying factor is that the proposed 900-place secondary school will be sponsored by Kings Leadership Free School, the primary, will be run by Vantage Academy, on this issue there is no hard evidence that free schools, and academies perform any better than our state sector schools.

Added to this the site for the schools are very close to the existing ESSA Academy, the congestion this will cause, and extra air pollution at time when air pollution is of great concern to all local authorities, this could damage the health of everyone living in the area.

Surely there should be a rethink on this particular project.

Alan Johnson

Press officer

Bolton Green Party