I took my young grandkids into town the other day to treat them to all the activities in front of the town hall. It was indeed a very good set up.

The day was, however, tarnished somewhat ­— the whole of the town centre smelled like Amsterdam. Everyone was talking about it.

Now, to my current knowledge, this highly addictive and proven mind-bending psychotic-inducing substance is still illegal in this country.

In a country where tobacco smoking is illegal and enforced in certain areas, how is it possible in 2018 that all the public, including kids, have to breathe in this obnoxious stuff?

I also must mention that we had a 'propaganda' stand with people declaring sheer hatred for the USA /Israel/President of the USA and generally all things western . . . no alternative views allowed.

This was 20ft away from a memorial commemorating the war dead, the very people who alongside our American brothers in arms, gave their lives to secure the democracy and right of free speech that allows the propagandist and protest group at that very table to expose their biased and hateful views.

They know so little of the history of the country they live in.

Bolton Council ought to think hard about these two topics and act on them before all decent people give up on the town centre completely.

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