Give us an hour

I hope you are looking forward to a fabulous festive break and enjoying time with friends, family and fluffy companions.

Before the out-of-office email is turned on and the festivities begin, please can I ask you to do something extraordinary with your last hour of work in 2019?

The international charity, Sightsavers has created a really handy calculator to work out how much you’ll earn in your last hour, and gives you the opportunity to gift it to help eliminate avoidable blindness.

What makes this even better is that up until 9 January the UK government will match gifts from the UK public up to a total of £2 million, so your donation will go twice as far.

I’m an ambassador of Sightsavers and they are doing such wonderful work to fight a highly contagious blinding eye disease called trachoma.

Trachoma is a bacterial infection that makes your eyelids turn inwards until your eyelashes scrape against the surface of your eyes. Slowly, agonisingly, you go blind.

I have seen the devastating impact trachoma can have on whole communities, when I visited Sightsavers’ projects in Kenya.

Yet, trachoma can be treated with an antibiotic called Zithromax®, at a cost of as little as 15p per treatment. And £44 will pay for an operation to correct the in-turned eyelashes of someone with advanced trachoma.

It really is life-changing work.

So, please take a look at the calculator at and consider donating an hour’s pay.

Lorraine Kelly,

Presenter and Sightsavers ambassador