Greyhound racing has very much been been topic of conversation recently, particularly with the news that the Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium in London is due to close its doors in August.

This week is national Greyhound Awareness Week, when greyhound lovers across the UK hold events in their areas to highlight the plight of racing greyhounds.

Thousands of greyhounds are destroyed every year once they are retired from racing, usually at the age of three or four. Additionally, thousands of pups are destroyed each year because they are considered unsuitable for racing.

The RSPCA believes at least 20 greyhounds - puppies or retired dogs - simply disappear each day, presumed killed. Many also sustain serious and sometimes fatal injuries whilst racing.

Recently, shocking stories in the media have revealed how healthy young greyhounds who are no longer wanted are being sold to veterinary colleges by those involved in the greyhound racing industry, to be killed and used for scientific purposes.

It is not surprising that commercial greyhound racing is in rapid decline with more and more evidence being revealed about the true horrors happening within this corrupt, deplorable industry.

It is a sad reflection on a so-called nation of animal lovers when thousands of healthy young dogs are being killed and abused every year to support an industry that exists solely to make money.

People can help to put an end to all this uneccessary suffering simply by boycotting this shameful "sport", by supporting their local anti-racing campaign groups or even adopting a retired greyhound from local rescue centres. They make wonderful companions and, contrary to belief, do not need a lot of exercise.

Have a heart for the greyhounds - please do not bet on or attend greyhound races.

For more information, please visit www.greyhoundaction. Christine Holder Bolton